The Positioning of Pooky

This is the work that started it all.  Pooky and I met when I was still in Denmark, doing my post-doc for the Virtual Worlds Research Group at Roskilde University.  She was looking for panelists for her series, The 1st Question, a quiz show focusing on science and technology.  I volunteered for the show, and in December of 2010 appeared as FoxMarie Tennen, and actually won!

From that initial contact, we discussed our mutual interest in virtual world television — she as producer, and I as scholar.  I interviewed her, in which we discussed her experience as a VWTV producer, how she went about the design process for her series, and what she thought about VWTV overall.  Pooky met me in Second Life and took me on a tour of her programs’ sets as we talked about how she got started, how she decided to look of the virtual spaces she would film in, and why she incorporates the live studio audience into her programs as she does.

Pooky and CarrieLynn (as Wonder Woman, naturally)

Pooky and CarrieLynn (as Wonder Woman, naturally)

From these interviews, I became interested in how she was describing herself in relationship to the technology she used for production and to the people she works with (her crew) and for (her audience).  This interested turned into the first paper of what would become the Virtual World Television Study.

This first paper, “The Positioning of Pooky,” utilized positioning theory to understand how Pooky was discursively relating her interactions with these other entities.  The paper was presented at IR 12.0, the AOIR  2011 conference.  This presentation can be found here:


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